Five Minutes With … Guillaume Brahimi


The acclaimed French-born owner of Bistro Guillaume is the chef partner for this year’s Everest Carnival.

Guillaume, tell us about what you are doing at this year's Everest Carnival? 

I am delighted to be officially engaged for the spring 2019 Everest Carnival, which will see me curating a menu trackside in the new corporate entertainment and hospitality precinct; The Estate, comprising both The Manor and The Conservatory.  

We know you are a big fan of Melbourne spring racing. How does spring racing in Sydney compare? 

I’ve always been an avid racing fan and the Everest Carnival hosts the world’s richest turf race in The Everest.  It is such an exciting time to be involved with the Australian Turf Club with plenty of new initiatives being rolled out this spring. 

How do you pair spring racing and spring food? What elements will you bring together for this season? 

I’m inspired by the seasons. When it comes to preparing spring-inspired menus, I take into consideration the climate and what type of food people are drawn to as the weather heats up. Australians love their seafood, particularly in the warmer months, and this is why seafood features heavily on my curated menu for The Estate. Think crisp, zesty and sophisticated spring flavours. I have also included some French-inspired dishes including wagyu beef cheeks with Paris mash.

Are there any food trends you have noticed that you’re bringing into your cooking, at this event and elsewhere?

The trend at the moment is to try and continue to source locally, use sustainable produce and focus on the flavour.

What are you enjoying eating at the moment?

I’m really enjoy eating Moreton Bay bugs — such a special crustacean. There’s some great asparagus coming out this season and of course, spring lamb is delicious and O’Connor grass-fed beef still fills me with joy.

The Everest

The Everest