A new local brand is bringing affordable luxury linen to your bedroom

A local duo is behind a new luxury linen range that aims to maximise sleep by minimising toxins, writes Sheree Mutton

Some people just “get” linen, says Georgie Cavanagh, one half of new local bed-linen label Carlotta + Gee.

“A lot of people are already converted linen lovers when they hear about Carlotta + Gee, so they just get it," Cavanagh says. ”The others that don’t are keen to try once they understand the benefits of it, given the material helps stimulate blood flow. Once they try, then they are hooked."

The Carlotta + Gee business story is the stuff of dreams. It’s the tale of a dynamic young duo with a great idea who swiftly built a solid following for their brand.

Things started 18 months ago, when Paddington-based Cavanagh and her flatmate Carlotta Casals returned from a trip to Byron Bay with a just-hatched plan to create their own line of luxury linen. 

“We started to discuss linen bedding and the feeling you have when sleeping in it," says Cavanagh. "You could instantly see our eyes light up talking about it. That feeling!”

From the beginning, the pair knew what they wanted to develop — beautiful, quality linen without an expensive price tag. So they consulted Casals's mum, who is a well-known interior designer back in Carlotta’s native Spain.

"Mum has contacts in Normandy, France where the linen is grown," says Casals. "We started conversations with them, receiving samples weeks later and once we saw the unbelievable quality, we knew this was falling into place." 

Carlotta + Gee

Within weeks of launching Carlotta + Gee, the pair started receiving order after order. One year on and the label has a dedicated following.

There are currently 13 colourways available in doona covers, flat and fitted sheets, European and standard pillowcases, with prices ranging from $75 to $240. 

Each piece comes in a cute linen tote bag featuring the words bonne nuit (good night in French). The gorgeous earthy tones reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

“It was important to us there was no wastage when growing our linen," says Casals. "In France, the flax plant is maximised — from eating the flax seeds to using the flax oil for varnishing furniture. As you are in bed for one third of your day and surrounded by other toxins daily, we did not want any to be in your bed." 

The brand has even received the tick of approval from actor Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana. 

"Our bedding is stocked in Liberty Trading Co in Byron Bay where they visited," says Cavanagh. "After touching and feeling the quality, they put in a large order to re-do their house in Los Angeles." 

Yet the linen isn’t only for the wealthy. The founders want their products to remain accessible and affordable for everyone. 

"The whole reason we started Carlotta + Gee was so you didn’t need to mortgage your house or add it to your ‘bucket list’ before purchasing," says Cavanagh. "Great quality at an affordable price — it is an investment which will last a long time and after all what is more important than investing in your sleep?”