A rested development: creating the perfect bedroom

New mother Jillian Dinkel finds the answer to a perfect night’s sleep in hotel-inspired ironed sheets and absence of clutter.

Australians do holidays right — far flung locales for weeks on end are just the trick for making dreary winter months pass quickly. 

But what to do when faced with the harsh smack of reality once the five-star hotel stay is over? 

With a newborn at home, those hedonistic beach holidays marked by endless negronis feel further than 16,000km away. So this month I gave myself a mission —surely there was a way to bring that sense of hotel luxury home.

First, I had to declutter. Part of the serenity found in a hotel room comes from the complete lack of stuff.

Beyond my own personal preference for a minimalist aesthetic, scientifically it has been proven time and time again that there’s a direct correlation between clutter and sleep deprivation. 

First order of business to summon the Zen vibes I was seeking was a tidy up. I found it particularly calming to keep my bedside to just the basics — a table lamp, water jug, book and a small catch-all tray for my jewellery and reading glasses.

With the bedroom a clean slate, my next thought was of course the bed. Although styled to look pretty, it wasn’t giving me the luxury experience I craved. First instinct would be to upgrade to zillion-thread-count sheets, but what is often overlooked is a bed’s foundation pieces. So I turned my focus to finding a mattress topper, pillows and a new quilt to upgrade my white-on-white bedding look. 

I road tested I Love Linen’s Hotel Cloud Collection and it was a total game-changer. Not only did the pieces give my bed a puffy and inviting look, the mattress topper in particular took my sleeping experience to a new level of bliss. I am quite confident actual clouds are to be found within the filling. 

Now feeling quite pleased with myself (and my bed), I indulged my deepest OCD tendencies and ironed my sheets for that super-crisp hotel-style aesthetic.

The last step in the process was to incrementally upgrade the experience of my other senses — smell and sound are too often forgotten but are so important to your feeling of wellbeing. So gone is my basic grocery store hand soap, replaced with a high-end version with the soothing scent of lavender. A room spray is also high on my list (try Mecca for dozens of options) and I’m working on a playlist of my favourite holiday songs to be instantly transported to sunnier days on faraway beaches.

Though it may not be Capri, my bedroom is now a relaxing retreat at the end of the day. And for those first few moments upon waking up in my fluffy cloud of a bed, beneath a silk eye mask, I can almost believe I’m on sunnier shores. Now, how to get some room service, please? 

Jillian Dinkel is the Terrace House Designer